Feather Collection

Our Feather Collection are hand-crafted with elegant finishing made in gold
or sterling silver. A series inspired by nature… β€œair” in particular… reveals
the freedom of the body and soul. Every piece made for this collections
reveals the ultimate femininity.

Thalia Kalafatis Jewelry - Ram Head Collection

Inimitability makes people occult and stand out. The same happens in the
animal kingdom. The Mouflon is a subspecies group of wild sheep with
curved horns found in Cyprus. This exceptional and distinct type of sheep
found in our country, inspired us to design and present our β€œRam Head”
collection. Throughout history rams have been important to mythological
and religious concepts, sacred animal, associated with ancient gods from all
over the world. The ram even became a symbol of Christ in ancient time. In
ancient Greek mythology, the ram was symbol of energy, determination,
power, and leadership.

Lion Collection

Lion!!! The King of the jungle. A reluctant fighter, courageous, confronting the difficulties of life with fierce, confidence, power and dominance. All of Leo’s traits enchanted and impelled us to create a unique collection, the β€œLion” collection. Wearing these jewels one could say that they reflect the characteristics of Leo’s appearance.