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How To Take Care Of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry?

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Whether you adorn your clothing completely with silver jewelry or simply have a few nice designs, you’ve certainly found yourself pondering at some time about the best method to care for and clean your handmade silver bangle jewelry. Here are some suggestions.
The skilled silversmiths at Thalia Kalafatis have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to take care of your handmade silver bangle, earrings, neckpieces, etc. Make sure to go through it!

Put on Your Jewelry Frequently

You may be surprised to learn that wearing your jewelry frequently will help keep your sterling silver looking its best. In order to maintain the shine and luster, you can use your skin’s natural oils to clean the silver. Before keeping your jewelry, be sure to clean and dry it well between the times you wear it.

Storage is Important

Having sterling silver exposed to the air tarnishes it. Thus, it is critical to keep silver in separate, sealed plastic bags to prevent corrosion. Bracelets with links or chains should be unclasped or unhooked so that there is no scratching. As previously said, humidity can be detrimental, so be certain that your storage place has minimal humidity. Jewelry can also be stored in a soft, fabric-lined, airtight box that protects the pieces.

Use These Products to Prevent Tarnish

Keep your sterling silver jewelry in a box with a few bits of chalk in it. The chalk will absorb water from the air and assist in keeping your sterling silver jewelry from corrosion. When you buy new clothes or shoes, it’s common to find silica packets tucked away between the goods. Save them in your jewelry box for future reference. You can rely on them to absorb moisture!
Using anti-tarnish clothes to line your jewelry box is a fantastic idea. Chemical treatment is generally applied to these fabrics to prevent tarnish and absorb sulfur and moisture from the air.

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