Alexander Earring


Our “Alexandros” collection has been inspired by the enormous Greek history. During Alexander the Great’s leadership and dominant reign from 356-323 BC, three coins were minted, one of which was the tetra drachms which depicts the head of Alexander the Great. The tetra drachms was a strong currency, at the time, because its value corresponded to its weight in silver. Moreover, Alexander the Great was highly respected throughout the world, thus, his coins were used widespread even after his death and were distinct and noteworthy.

Product Description

This item can be handcrafted in yellow & white gold 9k and 18k.

Since gold prices vary on a daily basis and having in mind customers’ price protection, we avoid showing prices on website for items made of 9k and 18k gold.

The actual Jewelry may vary slightly from the picture due to photo lights and the fact they are hand grafted.

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