Bees Earring


Our Minoan Malia Bees collection is a reproduction of the original ancient Greek Minoan Bees pedant, which was found in 1930 at Chrysolakkos, Malia Crete.

It dates to the Minoan civilization 1800-1650 BC. An amazing very detailed representation of two bees carrying a drop of honey to their honeycomb.

It is believed that the Great Mother of Mother Goddess was related to bees, while honey was used in rituals. As a symbol of the Mother Goddess, bees represent the mutual support and fertility.

Product Description

The item can be handcrafted both in yellow and white gold, 9k or 18k.

We avoid showing pricing on our website for items made of gold 9k and 18k, because gold prices vary on a daily basis and would like to offer price protection to our customers

The actual Jewelry may vary slightly from the picture due to photo lights and the fact they are hand crafted.

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