Ram Head Cord Necklace


Inimitability makes people occult and stand out. The same happens in the animal kingdom. The mouflon is a subspecies group of wild ship with curved horns found in Cyprus. This exceptional and distinct type of sheep found in our country, inspired us to design and present our “Ram Head” collection. Throughout history, rams have been important to mythological and religious concepts, sacred animal, associated with ancient gods from all over the world. The ram even became a symbol of Christ in ancient times. In ancient Greek mythology; the ram was symbol of energy, determination, power, leadership.

Product Description

This handmade jewelry can be handcrafted in yellow & white gold 9k and 18k.

Since gold prices vary on a daily basis and having in mind customers’ price protection, we avoid showing prices on our handmade Jewelry website for items made of 9k and 18k gold.

The actual Jewelry may vary slightly from the picture due to photo lights and the fact they are hand crafted.

If you wish to get a quote please contact us via email, Instagram or Facebook.

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